Revenue Cycle Management

REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT is the most challenging practice function. Lacking a seasoned staff and a robust billing system limits your ability to effectively capture all eligible charges, submit clean invoices and collect unpaid or improperly paid claims. These limitations diminish the revenue you need to manage and grow your practice. The significant time, people and resources required to effectively manage practice billing and collections makes partnering with a reliable professional billing company an important strategic alternative.

The Fountainhead practice management system utilizes one of the most sophisticated and versatile billing software systems in use today capable of handling the unique billing requirements for medical, surgical and hospital-based specialties. A sophisticated claims editing process guarantees a high proportion of “clean claims” that avoid rejection for misinformation. Billing specialists are dedicated to individual client practices to assure consistent billing practices. Collection specialists are dedicated to specific government and commercial payer classes to assure the depth of understanding required to navigate specific payer reimbursement rules. Comprehensive quality assurance tools allow us to track all aspects of the billing and collection process to minimize errors, analyze claim rejections and reduce the time between bill submission and payment. When it comes to revenue cycle management, we have two goals – account for every dollar billed and collect every dollar we should – with competence and passion.


  • Core Services


    • Real-time access to web-enabled software for patient scheduling and billing.
    • Initial and ongoing training for your office staff.
    • Certified Professional Coders dedicated to your practice.
    • Collection staff that specialize in various payer classes.
    • Automated electronic verification of benefits.
    • Charge posting.
    • Claims denial management.
    • Secure Internet connectivity to access your billing and collection records on demand.
    • Comprehensive monthly reports to show the status of every dollar billed.
    • Detailed practice performance reports that show “key indicators” that reflect practice and provider productivity.
    • Internal quality assurance and improvement program to achieve maximum efficiencies.
    • Secure and confidential record keeping and redundant off-site record storage.
    • Paper record storage in secure facilities.
  • Optional Services


    • State-of-the-art electronic medical record that meets ARRA meaningful use criteria and provides a seamless interface with the Fountainhead practice management system for scheduling and billing functions.
    • Real-time twenty-four hour a day remote access to your practice HER.
    • Customized patient encounter templates for your practice.
    • Initial and ongoing on-site staff training and support.
    • State-of-the art security.
    • Software maintenance.
    • Unlimited electronic storage with redundant back up located in a SAS 70 secure facility.


    • Compliance program template that can be tailored to your practice needs.
    • Evaluation of existing and new practice billing policies.
    • Ongoing educational programs for providers and staff pertaining to billing and documentation compliance.